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lundi 15 octobre 2012

Goop Adhesive And Sealant Replaces Dog As Handyman's Best Friend!!

Household Goop Adhesive

GOOP and GOOP or adhesive

Naming something GOOP is risky at best... because there are lots of goops out there... (Prestashop Tunisie)for example there's GOOP, the hand cleaning, shoe cleaning, clothes cleaning product.  And, of course, these's always "generic" goop...
what the heck is that goop on the wall? Or in the back of the refrigerator? Or in your kid's closet? Sharepoint Tunisie

Auto Body Filler Is For More Than Cars

A winner for a variety of wood gluing and other repairs!

Auto body filler is an excellent wood filler and adhesive. It sets up quickly, has great adhesive properties. Unlike many softer fillers, it not only fills voids but can be cut and routed as cleanly as the original wood.
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mardi 24 juillet 2012

CPSC Announces October as Window Covering Safety Month

Consumers Urged to Repair or Replace Old Window Coverings

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the Window Covering Safety Council and independent retailers have joined forces to raise awareness of strangulation risks presented by window covering cords and chains.

Natural Gas vs. Propane

So much gas... so little time!

Here is the text of a question asked by a reader concerning the differences between natural gas and propane, as well as some tips concerning gas appliance conversions.  Enjoy!
Dear NH,
What is the difference between propane and natural gas? According to our state laws, I can use one type for gas fireplace logs and not the other. Why?

vendredi 23 décembre 2011

Exterior Caulking Is a Good Idea

Exterior caulking is good both in hot weather and cold. Weatherstripping your doors is a great idea. It will stop breezes, bugs and other outside nuisances from entering your house. You might venture outside and take a look at what you can do there as well. You should also take along a tube of caulking.

Toilet Fixes For a Poor Flush

A poor toilet flush can cause the entire household to use a different toilet. Let’s face it, only the rare few want to be blamed for stopping up a toilet. There are a couple of things to look for. Maybe you have a partial blockage, or maybe there isn’t enough water going down the bowl to clear it.
A partial blockage is frustrating because you don’t know if

vendredi 16 décembre 2011

Whole House HEPA Air Cleaners and Filtration Systems for Allergy Relief

Everyone has a physical tolerance level for airborne chemicals and particulates. Some people have a higher tolerance than others for dirty air, but it affects everyone. Children whose respiratory system is still developing are at greater risk of asthma or allergies if they are exposed to many airborne contaminants.

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